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What is a villa rental?

A villa is a private holiday accommodation. Usually, it is someone’s second or third home, that they use occasionally and make available for rent during other times.


How much does it cost?

Prices range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per night, depending on the size, amenities and location of the villa. Be sure to tell your villa specialist what your budget range and desired amenities are and we can find something that will be suitable for your party.


How can I pay? accepts VISA, MasterCard, check, bank wire, email money transfer and Pay Pal.


Will there be TV and Internet?

While amenities vary from villa to villa, the vast majority of properties have both TV and Internet. Read the detailed description of the villa to see a list and explanation of all the amenities.


Is there a minimum night stay?

There is usually a minimum night stay that can range from four to seven nights. It will be clearly explained on the villa details page.


How do I arrange flights?

Your villa specialist will be pleased to book your flights for you, or you may book flights with your own travel agent.


How do I get from the airport to the villa?

It’s entirely up to you. You can be greeted at the airport by a driver who will escort you to the villa. If you are planning on renting a vehicle from the airport, your pre- departure package will include directions to the property. Your pre-departure package will have all the information you need for a smooth and stress-free arrival.


How private are the villas?

Every villa is private and for the exclusive use of the renter. The seclusion, size of the property and distance to neighbours will vary from villa to villa.


Can the villas accommodate weddings?

It is very common for weddings to be held at our selection of holiday villas. Speak with your villa specialist about putting you in touch with a wedding planner at the destination.


Can we add additional guests after the reservation has been made?

You may add additional guests up to the maximum allowable for your particular villa. Some villa owners will allow you to go over for a surcharge.


Do the villas have air conditioning?

Yes, the majority of villas have air conditioning in all the bedrooms and most of the living spaces. Read the villa details to learn which rooms have air conditioning.


Will there be a private pool?

Most villas have a private pool. If the pool amenity is shared, it will be clearly indicated in the villa details page.


How far is the beach?

Some of our villas are directly on the beach, while others may be a short walk or drive.


Is there vacation insurance in case of poor weather?

There is no vacation insurance or refund due to bad weather.


Are there any restrictions regarding children?

Most villas do not have a restriction regarding children. If there is some restriction it will be clearly indicated in the villa details page and your villa specialist will be aware of the rules.


Will a crib and baby amenities be available at the villa?

Most villas do provide baby amenities or a rental company who can supply them.


Is there a charge for food?

All of the villas are self catering. Some villas will come with a full staff, or options to include a meal plan or chef. If you are looking for a villa with some extra cooking services, we advise consulting with a villa specialist to help find a suitable villa for your party.


What type of activities are available and how do we arrange them?

There are many activities such as SCUBA diving, golf, boat cruises and horse back riding. Your Concierge has experienced most of the activities at your destination. As a complimentary service, your Concierge will help arrange all your activities to help make your holiday relaxing and stress free.


Who will I contact during my stay with any questions?

You will have an on-site property manager who will check you into the villa and be available during your stay with any questions or help. You can contact during your stay at any time if you need additional assistance or would like to extend your stay.


Are there additional taxes or fees?

Some villas have taxes and fees. This will be clearly indicated on the villa detailed information page. When you make your reservation, all the taxes and fees will be openly shown so you know the bottom line cost of your accommodations.


Are there discounts for extended stays?

Many owners will give discounts for stays of two weeks or more.


Is cleaning included?

Cleaning is usually included in the price. If there is an additional charge for cleaning, you will be aware of this up front.


Can we hire a cook or chef during our stay?

Yes, cooks and chefs available for hire. Ask your Concierge to help you arrange this.


Can we hire a babysitter during our stay?

Most villas have child care service. Ask your Concierge to help you arrange a babysitter.


What currency are the villas priced in?

Unless otherwise stated all prices are in US dollars.